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              Welcome to Green Crown Agricultural and Veterinary Services Est.
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Hardscape & Water Features Contractors

Maintenance Contractors

Landscape & Irrigation Design Services

Ornamental Plants Nursery

Pest Control Services

Veterinary Clinics & Services

Established in 1985, Green Crown Agricultural and Veterinary Services Est., Saudi Arabia pioneered in the field of agriculture and veterinary services in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

General Experience:
Ever since Green Crown was established, it was mainly engaged in the Landscape, Irrigation and Maintenance contracting and was able to gain a sound reputation in providing high quality workmanship.

Five years later we have established the Veterinary department, which included a Veterinary Clinic for the treatment of Pets and a Veterinary Pharmacy for the supply of veterinary drugs.

At the same time we started the Pest Control Division, which was a real must due to the growing demand for such service.

Main divisions:

Landscape & Irrigation Division.
Agriculture Services & Farm Supplies Division.
Pest Control Division.
Veterinary Services Division.
Retail Division.



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