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Pest Control Division

We established this department due to the constantly growing demand for such a service.

The kingdom is a perfect habitat for the mass reproduction of pests & insects due to its hot weather condition & the high relative humidity.

Pests are divided into different categories:

1- Crawling insects:
This is the most demanded control service for residential areas. It is mainly controlled by the application of special pesticide formulas that are not hazardous to humans while eliminating these insects.

2- Flying insects:
Such as house flies & mosquitoes also concentrated in residential compounds & animal barns. They are controlled mainly by applying special systemic pesticides by using special fogging equipments to insure quick spread & coverage for big areas.

3- Rodents & worms:
Concentrated in farms and some residential areas having high vegetation growth or trash. They are mainly controlled by the use of specially treated bates which attacks the digestive and nervous system of pests causing its death & elimination.

4- Termites control:
Most of the new residential areas are infested with termites and it was introduced by some infested pieces of wood used in construction and spread in the whole area. It is controlled by two methods either by spraying the infected parts of the house ore by injecting the special formula all around the building boundaries for total protection. It is usually guaranteed that this formula will last between 12 to 20 years depending on the concentration of active material.

5- Epidemical pests:
It is mainly the control of the Date palm red weevils that mainly attacked the eastern province farm area of the Kingdom. It was mainly controlled by a special procedure by drilling holes in the infected date palm trunk & injecting a special poisonous formula after which the drilled holes will be sealed leaving the formula to its damage on these weevils.